October 22

Lesson Plans for October 23-October 27

8th Grade and PreAP English


  • Respond to the following journal prompt in your online daily journal: Mindset Monday–What skill do you have that you are most confident about and why?
  • Take notes on Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in your English notebook.
  • Complete activity.


  • Respond to the following journal prompt in your online daily journal: Ticket Twosday–If you won only two tickets to your dream concert, who would you go see and who would you take with you?
  • Copy notes from our Growth Mindset lesson yesterday.  “Change your thinking–change your mindset.”
  • Receive Word Study List 3 and begin working on it–due Thursday.


  • Complete Mentor Sentences–Verb Tense: Notice and Note.
  • Go to ReadWorks link in Classroom.  Read the article about memories and complete the comprehension questions in your table group.
  • On your own, map out a Brief Constructed Response (BCR) using the RACES graphic organizer.


  • Mentor Sentences–Verb Tense: Sentence Stalking.
  • Take notes on Verb Tenses in your English notebook.
  • Complete Verb Tense activity in your English notebook.


  • Library–Mrs. Cooper will introduce students to National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) with “What is a Novel Anyway?”  Click here for Mrs. Cooper’s presentation. 


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