May 15

Lessons for May 14-May 18

8th Grade and Pre-AP English


  • Complete Day Three of Dailies 2018-6 (unless you have already done it).
  • Finish typing your argument paper on the Google Doc I linked for you on last Tuesday’s post. Turn in your finished document on last Tuesday’s post.
  • Complete a grammar packet on phrases–your sub will hand it out to you.


  • Complete the Extend activity of Dailies 2018-6–turn it in on today’s post on Classroom.
  • Type argument paper into PEG Writing for scoring.  If you plan to be out on Monday for some reason, you must do this as homework.


  • Science STAAR Test


  • Social Studies STAAR Test


  • Reward trip to the park.
  • Those who stay back will have work to do.

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