May 4

Lesson Plans for May 3-May 7

8th Grade English and Advanced English

Monday, May 3

Respond to the following prompt in your Google daily journal–Title:  “Mindset Monday”– What is one thing you can do this week to finish the year on a strong note?  Explain.

Write a final rough draft of your persuasive speech.

Tuesday, May 4

Respond to the following prompt:  Title~ “Would You Rather Tuesday”~Would you rather have thought bubbles appear over your head for everyone to see (every thought) or for everyone you know to have access to your search history on your devices?  Explain your answer!

Finish the final copy of your persuasive speech and do peer editing/revising.

Wednesday, May 5

Catch up/Make up any work necessary from this nine weeks.

Thursday, May 6

Science STAAR Testing

Friday, May 7

Social Studies STAAR Testing

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