October 7

Lesson Plans for October 10-October 14

8th Grade English and Advanced English

Monday, October 10

Respond to the following prompt in your Google writing journal–Title:  “Mindset Monday”~Read the following quote: “If people throw stones at you, then pick them up and build something.”  What do you think this quote means?  How can you apply this to your personal life?

First Nine Week’s Exam


Tuesday, October 11

Complete Day Three of Daily Language Study #2022-1.

Begin talking about the elements of scary stories and complete an activity.


Wednesday, October 12

Respond to the following prompt in Google daily journal– Title:  “Would You Rather Wednesday”~Would you rather be a famous movie star or a member of your favorite popular music group?  Make sure to explain your choice.

Complete an activity about why people like scary stories.


Thursday, October 13

Complete Days Four and Five of your Daily Language Study 2022-1.

Discuss the structure of a narrative story.


Friday, October 14

Respond to the following prompt in Google daily journal–Title:  “Free Topic Friday”~You may write about anything you want as long as it is school appropriate, and you don’t mind if your principal sees it.

Begin brainstorming for a descriptive Halloween story.

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