November 16

Lesson Plans for November 14-18

8th Grade English and Advanced English

Monday, November 14
Respond to the following prompt in Google daily journal–Title: “Mindset Monday”~Read the following quote: “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” by Albert Einstein~What do you think this quote means? What can you learn from this quote?
Complete Counselor Lesson #10 about the difference between being assertive and being aggressive.
Work on Word Study Concept Maps assigned last week and IXL Assignment #4
Begin working on Word Study #2022-3 Visual Representations.

Tuesday, November 15
Respond to the following journal prompt:“Turn-It-Around Tuesday”~If you could turn around any event to have a different outcome, what would it be and why? Make sure to explain.
Finish Word Study Concept Maps~due today.
Work on IXL Assignment #4~due Friday.
Work on the Word Study Visual Representation slides.

Wednesday, November 16
Respond to the following prompt in your Google writing journal– Title: “Would You Rather Wednesday”~ Would you rather drop your phone in a really dirty toilet or in a hole full of spiders? Explain why.
Work on any assignments that you have not completed yet.

Thursday, November 17
Respond to the following prompt in your Google writing journal– Title: “Thoughtful Thursday”~ How would your best friend describe you? Explain with examples.
Take the Word Study #2022-3 Quiz.
Finish other work.

Friday, November 18
Library Day!

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