August 17

7 Habits of Digital Citizenship

7 Habits of Digital Citizenship

  • Be Proactive:  I can choose my responses to others online and take responsibility for myself.  I understand that the whole world is watching.
  • Begin with the End in Mind:  I can make smart decisions~I will never give out my personal information online.
  • I will always ask my parents.
  • Put First Things First:  I can do my homework or other chores first, and then I can ask my parents if I can play on the computer.
  • Think Win-Win:  When I am on the computer, I can solve problems by communicating politely and appropriately with others.
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood:  I can listen to and understand more than one point of view.  I can understand that my parents and teachers will have rules for my computer time.
  • Synergize:  I can learn from others online.
  • Sharpen the Saw:  I can balance my computer time with other positive elements in my life such as family time, reading, recreation, and work, etc.

Modified from Covey, 2008

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