October 13

About Mrs. Velde

Hello! My name is Jody Velde, and I am so excited to be teaching 8th Grade English, World Geography, and 6th Grade GT! Even though I am a transplant into White Oak, I am proud to be starting my eighteenth year at White Oak Middle School in the valley of the Roughnecks! I grew up in West Texas and New Mexico and spent my first two years of teaching in Las Cruces, New Mexico, near El Paso, TX. I eventually made it back to Lubbock, TX, where I earned a Master’s Degree at Texas Tech (Guns up, Raiders!) and met my husband. After we married, my husband brought me (and my parents) to East Texas, where I have found home. (He graduated from Hallsville, but please don’t hold that against him.) When I am not at school, I cherish spending time with my husband and family, which includes three girls, two dogs, one cat, and a gecko.  My family and I spend a lot of time outdoors, when it’s cool enough, and we love to travel. As a teacher, I am passionate about cultivating an inquiry-driven classroom environment in order to engage my students in their learning and to provide them with This-Century skills they must have in our changing world.  In my classroom, students have daily opportunities to utilize technology as a tool in their learning; in fact, my classroom is as paperless as possible.  I am constantly learning and many times learning from my students!  I am looking forward to spending the year with your child.  If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Go Roughnecks!!!

2 thoughts on “About Mrs. Velde

  1. Lynda Gayle Standard

    Mrs. Velde, I understand that Jackson is behind and failing your class and has made little effort to correct the situation. I go over your lesson plans with him each week to try to see that he does his work. Quite often, though, he will tell me he’s already finished or turned something in when he hasn’t. We are aware there is a problem and are very willing to help in any way we can. In the meantime, is there anything he can do over the weekend to bring up his grade in your class on Tuesday? If not, I understand. Thanks, Lynda Standard

  2. veldej (Post author)

    Good morning!
    Jackson did ask me on Friday what he could do, and I told him that he could make up the assignment he didn’t turn in. I checked a minute ago, and he still has not completed it. He has also not done anything on an assignment that I gave out on Friday, and it’s due tomorrow. We do not have our after-school detention set up yet, but he could do these things at home, during enrichment or study hall, and during morning tutoring at 7:30 in my room.

    Also, in the future, just email me to get a more timely reply. I do not always notice these comments on my blog.

    Thank you!
    Mrs. Velde

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