October 8

Upcoming Quiz and Exam

October 10–Students will take a quiz this Thursday over Real-World Writing Purposes~you will have to match text excerpts to their appropriate purpose.

October 16–Students will take a nine-weeks exam next Wednesday over the following topics:  growth mindset topics, real-world writing purposes, parts of speech, and the vocabulary from Word Study List 2019-1.

August 13

Welcome Students and Parents!

I just want to take a moment to let you all know how happy I am to be back for another year at White Oak Middle School. This will be my 15th year at White Oak and my 17th year of teaching, so looking back to my first year takes a “small” stretch of the mind, but I remember how excited and nervous I was that first day as the students piled into my room. I walked up to the front of that room, looked at all those faces, and took a deep breath; however, rather than feeling intimidated or anxious, I realized I was right where I was supposed to be. I was home. To this day, my classroom is a second home to me, and as difficult as it is to say goodbye to my summer break, I look forward to that feeling of knowing I’m in “my place” and to meeting the next group of students who will share it with me. See you on Thursday!


Mrs. Velde