November 4

Extra Credit Opportunities

The following exercises may be completed at any time during any nine weeks.  (They must be turned in by the last day of the nine weeks to be included in that marking period.)  Points will be added to a low or failing daily grade. You may earn no more than 20 extra points during any nine-week period. Remember, you may not complete extra credit work unless ALL of your regular classwork is complete and turned in. These extra credit activities can be turned in on paper or through Google docs (send to [email protected]).

Etymology Exercise

The etymology of a word traces a word’s history all the way back to its origin. You can find the etymology of a word in a dictionary, both hard copy and online. Sometimes the languages from which these words originate are abbreviated; for example, OE would stand for Old English. If abbreviations are used, a key is usually included to help you.

Your assignment is to choose a word and trace its etymology all the way back to its origin. You should include the word and definition as it is today, as well as its forms and definitions from the past. If specific years are given, make sure to include them as well.

Here is an example of how I would like your exercise to appear:

a. Modern definition: a small amount
b. When did this word first appear? 1175-1225
c. From what languages did it come?
1. Middle English-pitaunce
2. Old French–pitance
d. What was its original definition? an allowance of food

You will earn a total of 2 pts. for each word you complete.


Loan/Borrowed Words Exercise

English is a language made up of other languages. Many words we use every day were ‘borrowed’ straight out of another language. These words are called loan words or borrowed words. Your assignment is to discover some of these words. Conduct an internet search in which you choose a particular language and find words that we have ‘borrowed’ and use as our own. IMPORTANT: These are not words that have come from other languages and are changed over time (as the words in the etymology exercise are). These are words that are the same in both languages, both English and the original language.

Once you have chosen the language you would like to research, use your search engine to help you find words from that language which we use in English. Make a list of 5-7 words that you found in your research. Your information should look similar to this:

Language: German

1. blitzkrieg

2. strudel

3. angst

4. kindergarten

5. sauerkraut

6. pretzel

7. quartz

You will receive 2 pts. for each list you create.

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